Windows Mobile 6.5: Samsung Omnia Pro B7330

If you were in the dark and didn’t actually know anything of Samsungs lineup, you may well be thinking that they’d just announced five Windows smartphones.

Sadly the reality is much less interesting as basically they have announced one which didn’t come as a surprise as it was already widely known, but whipped up a massive relaunch and rebranding campaign for the other four.

The Omnia Pro B7330 has now been officially added, which is essentially an upmarket B7320 with a 320 x 320 display in place of the earlier models QVGA unit. What’s bigger and better and a lot more interesting may be that the i8000, B7320, B7300, B7330 and the B7610 i.e every current Omnia model will be packed with Windows Mobile 6.5. The B7300 is going to be launched in October alongside the already previously mentioned Omnia Lite B7300. for more information visit engadgetmobile.com


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