Poll: Are Verizon handsets exciting to you?

Verizon Wireless is applauded for their call quality and coverage, but for some strange reason often loses out to the likes of Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T when obtaining the latest high end smartphones available reports wired.com.

Apparently the research director of consumer devices for Current Analysts, Avi Greengart has said Verizon lacks the star products that their competitors have, and recognise they don’t have such compelling devices right now, but believe they can make up for this through network quality.

AT&T has the iPhone 3GS, Sprint has the Palm Pre ad HTC Hero, T-Mobile has the new Motorola Cliq, and the best Verizon can come up with is the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Tour, and this leads to the company know for the best network to have the least attractive smartphone line-up. So do Verizon handsets excite you?

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