Nokia N900 and old Viewmaster deliver 3D?

A Nokia N900 and old 80s Viewmaster have made a marriage thanks to the guys over at tinker.it, and after three weeks of intense tinkering with tech nuggets they came up with this marriage of technologies.

Apparently the joining of the Nokia N900 with the Viewmaster, using the Nokia N900’s 5 megapixel camera you can create your own 3D images. Look into the Viewmaster to see miniature 3D images or you can throw on a pair of 3D glasses to watch a show and create your own photos.

The Nokia N900 sits inside the Viewmaster and when moves from side to side a switch is triggered then an Arduino send a message via Bluetooth to the N900, a Python script leaves a message and a GStreamer saves a frame from the camera as a JPEG and once 2 images are captured numerical transforms colour and size while pygame controls screen display. Seems all technical too me but there you go.

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