O2 and Orange releases LG Chocolate BL40, prices vary

The LG Black Label Chocolate BL40 smartphone is now available in the United Kingdom from both Orange and O2 via mobiles.co.uk that is a sub of the Carphone Warehouse reports t3.

Potential customers for the LG Chocolate BL40 will find that pricing for the new smartphone vary depending on which carrier you opt for and the amount of cash you want to part with each month. If you hand over £30 plus per month you’ll get the LG Chocolate BL40 for free, but if you opt for the £15 mark you’ll be required to shell out about £170 for the smartphone.

Of course the difference in price means nothing to what the actual handset offers and you’ll still get the exact same LG Chocolate BL40 no matter which carrier and tariff you go for.

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