AT&T wants to upgrade user from an iPhone 3GS?

Apparently an iPhone 3GS user has been somewhat pestered by repeated calls from AT&T over the past several months; AT&T continually leaving a recorded message telling the user to call about their account says an article on the Consumerist.

Well the iPhone 3GS user finally rang AT&T basically so they would stop leaving messages, and on ringing, the CSR asked how they could help, to which the reply was “you tell me, you’re the one who keeps calling me saying I have to call in.”

Well, after checking, the CSR replied that the only thing may be that AT&T is reminding you that you qualify for a free mobile phone upgrade. Now as the iPhone 3GS is the latest iPhone available, just what were AT&T going to upgrade the user too?

Anyone else been offered an upgrade on their iPhone 3GS by AT&T?

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