Poll: Which smartphone fits Facebook Mobile best?

There are many smartphones on the market and there are definitely a lot of you that use Facebook, what we want to know is which smartphone fits Facebook mobile best.

Now there are many mobile smartphones like the Apple iPhone that allows you to access Facebook thanks to the App Store application, there are many other mobile phones that has Facebook apps. Some phones do not have app access which means you have to go directly to Facebook via the internet.

I personally use the Apple iPhone 3GS and NO I am not trying to hard sell the iPhone it is merely the phone I am using at this time, please let us know what smartphone or mobile phone you use to access Facebook, this will let us know what phone is the best for accessing Facebook’s social network. Get voting below, we will add a few phones to the list so if it does not show your phone please use the comment area below and type the name and model of your handset. You can also read about security issues to do with Facebook here.

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