Earning Strategies for Research In Motion

BlackBerry smartphone maker, Research In Motion has maintained a strong market share within the smartphone space with their widely used corporate enterprise service, although on the other side of the coin there also whispers of a secondary offering in RIM which is generally bearish for stock reports onn.tv.

A few notable points onn.tv point out for RIM are, Apple along with RIM are major players in the smartphone arena and Rim has a 55 percent plus market share, Rim may also give up gross margins is they wish to compete within the rest of the mobile phone arena.

Despite competitive launches such as the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS, RIM volumes have held up due to the BlackBerry Tour with Sprint and Verizon and the BOGO offer at Verizon. But they believe earning with be strong but will fall within upper estimates of $3.45-3.7 billion in revenue and $0.94-1.03 in EPS. For the full report hit up the link.

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