Vodafone 360 Service and LiMo-based H1 and M1 phones

LiMo was thought to be waning in the shadow of Android’s eminence this time last year.

Until now as we are witnessing a vanguard of new resurgence in the form of both the Vodafone 360 HI and MI handsets both by Samsung. They will come packed with fancy 3D UI visualizations to go on top of 3.5 and 3.2 inch touchscreen displays.

With the larger of the two the HI also getting the AMOLED special treatment, including Wi-Fi, HSDPA and a 16GB mass of internal memory. The M1 also receives HSDPA and 1GB expandable memory but sadly no Wi-Fi. Expect it to be bringing you Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk as well as an app store. To find out more visit engadgetmobile.com


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