FCC lifts Nokia N97 Mini confidentiality

The FCC has now moved the Nokia N97 Mini off confidentiality so the guys over at engadget mobile have helped themselves to a good long look at the Nokia N97 Mini’s user manuals, internals and externals.

They still believe there isn’t a market for the Nokia N97 Mini in any locale that can’t get a mobile carrier to offer it as a free handset on contract, having said that they still smile when seeing WCDMA 058/1900 in the SAR report.

The Nokia N97 Mini is somewhat of a rarity as it sports quad-band 3G along with quad-band EDGE and a real world phone delivering high speed data.


2 thoughts on “FCC lifts Nokia N97 Mini confidentiality”

  1. John McCormick says:

    The Nokia N97 is pure shite, not worth the money & it does not do what it says on the package. PC Suite wont allow you to update contacts, its like an ash tray on a motorcycle “Useless”.
    Nokia should withdraw this piece of crap & refund the customers.

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