AT&T send letter to FCC over Google Voice Service

Apparently AT&T has sent a letter to the FCC asking them to investigate the Google Voice service, and say that Google Voice is preventing consumers from calling certain numbers which is in violation of federal call-blocking rules reports the WSJ.

AT&T further claims that Google is in violation of “net neutrality” principles that have been designed to ensure customers can use any legal internet service.

Google does block outgoing calls to such numbers as adult chat lines, and conference call centres as the blocking of these numbers reduces Google’s expenses. The FCC has acknowledged they have received a letter from AT&T and are reviewing it, but would not state if they will investigate.


3 thoughts on “AT&T send letter to FCC over Google Voice Service”

  1. Cliffy44 says:

    DrVoIP says: i some how feel that AT&T shouldnt have raised a complain like against companies like Google

    Cliffy44 reply: Why not? AT&T is bigger than Google; and Google is in the wrong. IF I did something in a business / monitery sense that limited your income, you’d want me to know that you were pissed. Right?

    That’s why AT&T did what it did; and actually being in the VoIP industry, I support their position.


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