Poll: Is it a good idea Apple going with Orange UK?

We reported earlier that it is now official that Orange UK will be getting the Apple iPhone which means O2 will no longer be the exclusive carriers, the question is “Is it a good idea Apple going with Orange UK?”.

Do you think Apple should have stayed O2 exclusive or bringing it to Orange customers is a very good idea, surely Apple will sell more iPhone’s considering they are opening up the market with brand new customers. We all know that O2 will still continue to sell the iPhone but now it means a bigger market, we also mentioned earlier that China Unicom will sell the Apple iPhone as well which is a massive market seeing as China Unicom is the second largest network in the country.

O2 have had a very good run at selling the Apple iPhone and will continue to do so but can Orange supply its customers just as well as O2? Loads of questions to be answered and we will be asking many more. Please vote using our poll system below

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