G60 Garmin for $299 October 4th to AT&T

Well what can we say, really can any of you really believe this its been a long wait almost two full years after the surprise introduction into this world.

But now the Garmin nuvifone G60 is finally on it’s way to US stores. In a recent official press release
The Garmin has been blessed with a very close release date of October 4th on AT&T.

Strangely though there is no mention of ASUS or even Garmin Asus however regardless of semantics, you can guarantee that it’ll be searching for buyers this Sunday. The cost which is most important to a lot of you will be $299 on a two year contract after $100 mail in rebate, and if you are wishing for premium connected services which will include traffic reports, white pages and weather to name just a few you will need to increase your spending to an additional $5.99 per month after the free 30 day trial.
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