iPhone 3GS vs HTC Hero: Review, Specs, Gallery and Verdict

It’s a bit of a battle out there as the flagship Android handset the HTC Hero, goes head to head with Apples iPhone 3GS.

Apple is as we all know renowned for its aesthetically pleasing hardware that just seems to be saying to us all ‘buy me’ or ’go on you know you want to’ , it’s certainly packed with a wow factor and Apple continued in the same ilk with the two subsequent generations .

The HTC Hero is also some kind of design leader in the market. It has a mediumistic design which was showcased in both the G1 and the HTC Magic. It’s screen is capacitive just like the iPhone. Apple’s being 3.5 inch and the HTC Hero being 3.2 inch. To read more go to itpro.co.uk

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