Will we ever see the Nokia N100 Handset?

Don’t get too excited with this sketch, as it unfortunately isn’t real. It is however what Symbian enthusiast Steve Litchfield would like to see in a S60 device or in the next NSeries.

It comprises of a very simple design with really complete features, which I am sure you would all agree.
Though it seems that some of you would much rather see optical zoom, QWERTY Keypad, navi wheel, and more importantly a metamorphic design quite like the N93.

What would you actually like to see appear in the Nokia N100, anything in particular get those pencils out and start sketching away. Feel free to leave comments on your desires or sketches if you would prefer. May as well dream away as still we are not sure if we will ever get to see the Nokia N100. Source – phonereport.info


One thought on “Will we ever see the Nokia N100 Handset?”

  1. Justin says:

    Here’s what I want to see

    A 3.8 inch or larger capacitive multi-touch screen
    Redesigned Symbian OS (optimized for fingers)
    8 Megapixel Camera with HD Recording
    Mobile TV
    Great design ditching bulkiness

    So far these should be possible

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