iPhone 3GS vs. HTC Hero Comparison Head to Head

The HTC Hero takes on Apple’s hero, the iPhone 3GS in a head to head comparison clash as itpro pit both smartphones against each other to see which mobile handset comes out tops.

So how did the head to head go? Well in the looks department the Apple iPhone 3GS screams “buy me,” and is a stunning looking handset, and when it first appeared in the mobile arena it brought with it a wow factor, while the HTC Hero is also a design leader with a minimalist style.

Statistics wise there isn’t a great deal between the iPhone 3GS and HTC Hero, and the iPhone 3GS does just tip the scales with its 3.5 in display as the HTC Hero offers a 3.2, and both weigh in at 135 grams. The 3GS has a 3MP camera while the Hero offers a 5MP so the Hero wins there.

iPhone 3.0 finally delivered MMS to the iPhone 3GS while the HTC Hero packs Android Cupcake OS along with the Sense UI, and the iPhone has an abundance of app via the App Store while the HTC will gain apps via the Android Market although that has a long way to go it catch up with Apple.


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