Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1 Firmware: Unlock 3GS apparently

Not too sure if any of this unlocking the iPhone’s work or not so we will only report what we have learned, apparently the 3G iPhone Unlock team have finally released the brand new iPhone unlock software for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs 3.1.

Many Apple iPhone users do not want to be tied to one network so they decide unlocking the iPhone aka Jailbreak is the best option to use other networks of their choice, personally we would not do this as there are many scam sites out there, some you win and some you lose as they say.

Is unlockiphones3gs.org the ones with the solution to offer you the unlock you need for your iPhone? Well we cannot say nothing because we have never tried, if you do try we here at phonesreview.co.uk are not responsible for your decisions to try them.

Apparently according to a report over on Online PR News the unlock iphone 3gs solution to get the new unlock software works just with a simple click of a button, unlockiphones3gs.org have had good reviews apparently and will unlock your iPhone in no time at all and will not damage your handset.

Please let us know if you have used the above unlock and if it works or not, we would love to know if these are the people to use.


19 thoughts on “Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1 Firmware: Unlock 3GS apparently”

  1. Ali says:

    This is really fake! please note that I have purchased the solution above with no even refund at all … it did not work! and they did not even refund me as they claim on their website …. BEWARE!

  2. Justin says:

    Seriously, take this article down! There IS a jailbreak for 3G[s] 3.1, you just have to have be a genius to do it, and be happy to risk bricking your toy…

    If you’re not one of the handful of people capable of figuring out how to do this, just wait a few days… Seriously, that’s all it’s going to be. Two reputable groups are fighting it out to free us from Apple’s leash, and they’re both very, very close. Check the tweets and see 😉

  3. Micke says:

    That site is fake, u will find them on alot off diffrent urls. All same webpage tho, in curiousity and stupidiy i bought there service as its still pretty cheap. What u will get is a .zip file with quickpwn program. Wich is a free program, and will not jailbreak 3gs 3.1 stock iphones.

    So wait for the guys at Dev Team or some other uber dude to solve this problem.

    So yeah – update ur artical and say its bullshit, Artical writer is welcome to contact me and i can send u a copy off the order and the file u get dirrected to,

  4. pissed says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS… Huge Scam, I purchased with Pay pal so I am getting a refund. Six requests from tech support and no response.

    These guys SUCK!!!

  5. Robert123 says:

    Don’t buy this. I tried a similar site on the web to jailbreak 3.0 and their method was for the 3g that was listed. It used links to pwnage and other sites and charged me $30 For Links. Sure they say it will always work with new updates, but you have to wait until iPhone secs release the method then they grab the readily available free method and posted on their site. I have emailed them 6 times for a refund as their method was for a 3g and didn’t work with no response. Notice the sites that have reviews, but no place to post your own review. These are made up reviews. Also I went through shwreg ( I think that’s it) who is where I made my final payment to receive the unlock (they deal with the company I clicked on for the unlock and was forwarded here for payment) and reported the vendor as not giving a refund at least 3 times. Still no response. This was when 3.0 software came out so it has been more than enough time to respond back. Trust me, don’t waste your money on free software.

  6. Manu says:

    A complete fake. I too have been duped. They claim to unlock 3GS 3.1 but after payment is taken you will get a link for the download area which has either Redsn0w 0.8 or a message that 3GS 3.1 unlock will be posted soon. Nothing more. They DO NOT have any software of their own. All they post is work of the Dev Team and claim it to be theirs. SCAM – PLEASE SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY by keeping away.

  7. Flix says:

    To user “pissed” and any others who have the impression that paying with PayPal is going to guarantee you a refund… think again, because the lovely PayPal DOES NOT cover any kind of software or services etc. They only deal with physical items that actually get shipped.

    So before you buy anything, imagine that you’re sending cash in an envelope. It’s the same thing.

  8. raf says:

    Hi iphone lovers again the above link to unlock the 3GS 3.1 is a well organised scam and should be reported.
    If you do decide to goahead pay via paypal so you are protected and should get a full refund as i did.

  9. Jared says:

    Although the Dev team’s software is free aren’t there some intilectual property laws that can stop people like this for charging for someone elses program?

  10. Pete says:

    I Use http://www.autoiphoneunlocker.com and there great I think I payed $30 bucks and already I jailbreak all 3 versions of the iPhone ( at different times of course ) and my iPod touch 2G. So for $30 Ive jailbreak ed about 10 times all together ALL SUCCESSFUL !! Not sure if the 3gs 3.1 jailbreak is up on there yet honestly not even sure if it’s out but when it does come out it’s usually up 2-3 days at most on there website . They check to make sure it’s gonna work and not mess our shit up before they release it that’s why takes couple extra days but to me welllllll worthhhh it as it walks me right through every stinking step and that’s what I need !! Enjoy !! Hope This Helps !!!

  11. Adam says:

    I can’t believe you published an article that:

    Thinks jailbreaking and unlocking are the same thing; they aren’t. Jailbreaking breaks open the OS and unlocking modifies the phone to allow any network.

    Warns it’s users about scam sites, and then reccommends one in the article.


  12. White Hawk says:

    That site is a scam. They are selling FREE SOFTWARE; this means they are stealing both from the end users they dupe, and from the hard-working developers who provide these solutions with only modest donations to reward them.

    Also, was this article posted by a five year old, translated badly from ebonic, or what? How much effort does it take to proof-read your own article? *sheesh*

  13. Firstly, this is an obvious scam – all jailbreaks are free, you should never pay for a jailbreak solution.

    “unlocking the iPhone aka Jailbreak”
    ditto @Adam

    Ugh, this is a horrible article in every way – poor content, badly written, terrible grammar etc etc..
    Internet smog.. iSmog if you will..

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