Samsung B3310 Review: Is it all good or bad?

The Samsung B3310 mobile phone has seen strong growth in the mobile arena this year and is designed to allow easy instant access to social platforms and messaging, whether that is IM, MMS, SMS or email reports right mobile phone.

The Samsung B3310 offers a sliding QWERTY keyboard, but there is issue with the design of the alphanumeric keypad that for some reason runs down from top to bottom on the left hand side which makes it look ugly, while the usual place for the keypad is taken up by a large five-way nav D-pad.

The Samsung B3310 is an average handset that features QVGA video recording, 2 megapixel camera, media player, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, 40MB memory with microSD expansion.


12 thoughts on “Samsung B3310 Review: Is it all good or bad?”

    1. keenan says:

      exellent battery. want to know more info? dial *#0228# and as soon as you put # ainfo on the battery can come up. scrool up and down on your phone for more battery info.

  1. Tess says:

    the battery life on this phone is great…use it continually and except for the initial charge when i got it i have had to charge it once in 4 days….fantastic little phone.

  2. Got the phone over a month ago at Carphonewarehouse store. It stood out because its pink and a slider with the numbers on the outside of the phone. Battery life is good providing you do not use the mp3 player /radio for long periods, so say 4 days on average. Having the numbers on the outside of the slider was weird at first but good for dialing number quickly without opening the phone or using the speed dial key. It good for texting and calls. It has mobile internet so that where the keyboard comes becomes useful. It a good sturdy phone, aimed at youth market but it small to put into purse on a saturday night.

  3. charlotte says:

    when it says internet access.. does that mean you can go on any webpage? or are you just limited to the social networking sites such as facebook or twitter?

    1. keenan says:

      Yes. You can go on any webpage. have it myself, pretty neat. fast. you can now get a discount on the phone if you get it on Cellc. free MIXIT and free facebook browsing. got it R200 rand less on cellc. i got mine at R600.

  4. LUCY says:

    I am thinking about getting this phone for christmas but I just want to know whether people think its a good or bad phone and if it has any problems with it ?? lucy -x-

  5. christina says:

    i’m 11 nearly 12 and i’ve got the gt-b3310 i thought is was really good at first but the camera gets damaged quite easily and the actual letters on the qwerty keyboard is fading out

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