Samsung Rogue Review: Features, Comparisons and Gallery

The Samsung Rogue has now gained a review from infosync world, and they say if you don’t actually pick it up and use it, it’s quite an impressive phone.

The Samsung Rogue’s 3.1 inch AMOLED display is top notch, and incorporates several nice features such as video playback, music, slide out QWERTY keyboard, civilian and corporate email and the like, and does everything a feature phone can.

But apparently the Samsung Rogue performed quite poorly in hands on tests; it was unresponsive and frustrating with a sluggish interface and poorly designed apps. The Samsung Rogue replaces the Samsung Glide which had similar issues while the Samsung Impression performed a tad better; for the full review, and gallery hit up the link.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Rogue Review: Features, Comparisons and Gallery”

  1. abcesy says:

    I ordered the Samsung Rogue through my job and am expecting to receive it Monday. I’ve been looking at this phone for a while now and almost didn’t get it because it’s from Verizon. Not a big friend of theirs and yet I use their FIOS internet/cable… (go figure)

    But when I saw the online deal for $100 off if you order online and with my job’s discount, I knew I couldn’t let it pass me by. I’m really excited about getting this phone and want to know/learn all I can to fully utilize it.

    I hangout at http://www.samsung-rogue.com a Rogue fans site, hope to meet more rogue owners.

  2. I was taken by surprise when i was told that it was a “premium” phone, and required a data plan, besides that no problems, except poor audio quality on Youtube and so far only 14 apps compatible with the phone.

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