Samsung N140 netbook and iPhone as modem

The iPhone, in terms of browsing offers some of the best experiences in smartphones, but the iPhone’s small display can’t compare to the ergonomics, speed of operation and comfort of the average laptop, but when worked with a Samsung N140 netbook the iPhone along with its 3G and WiFi can work as a wireless modem giving access to the internet on your laptop anywhere reports it-chuiko.

To make the iPhone into a modem you need to unlock and install Cydia and use iPhoneModem app which there are two version of, one a free version, the other $9.99. The free version is more complicated, so it may be more prudent to opt for the paid version.

To connect to the net you run on a computer application Helper App, this enables an ad hoc wireless network between the iPhone and laptop. Next on the iPhone choose an unsecured network before iPhoneModem and ensure WiFi is on. Run iPhoneModem and it will auto-configure after which the Helper App iPhoneModem app will confirm a successful connection and you should be able to brows the web from your laptop using the iPhone as a modem while on the go.

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