Poll: Nokia N97 vs Apple iPhone, who is the winner?

The Apple iPhone holds the crown in the smartphone arena, but every now and then a smartphone comes along that is pronounced the “iPhone killer.” Such was the title given to the Nokia N97, hailed as the smartphone to bring down the iPhone’s greatness.

Yet the iPhone still remains supreme and continues to hold the smartphone crown. The iPhone offers a multitude of features and the availability of literally thousands of mobile applications which makes it a difficult smartphone to beat.

The Nokia N97 was Nokia’s flagship smartphone offering a slide full QWERTY keyboard as opposed to the iPhone virtual keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera, up to 48GB memory and better battery life.

So why is it that although the Nokia N97 seems to offer better gear than the iPhone, does the iPhone still command the smartphone arena? We have a poll for you below so please place in your vote so we can see who comes out the winner.

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One thought on “Poll: Nokia N97 vs Apple iPhone, who is the winner?”

  1. FJ says:

    I was sooo keen to get my N97.

    I eventually bought one for £430, sim free. I hate it. I can’t think of one thing I like about it. The battery alone always seems to be flat.

    On the simple front of making and receiving calls it doesn’t like to allow calls to be answered. I fail to answer 8 /10 calls the touch screen buttons never have the same effect twice in a row. Making calls does work but selecting a contact with the slider shut is VERY difficult.

    I have never even held an iPhone, but I REALLY REALLY wish I had an iPhone 3GS instead.

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