Will there be a Verizon iPhone Release Date? Possibly January 2010

Another rumor was posted recently on a leading Apple blog that the iPhone, currently available in the United States only through AT&T Wireless, could well be coming very soon to Verizon.

It has been suggested that this it might have been January 2009 according to the source below but then they did say 2010 or 2012, we wonder. The negotiations between Apple and Verizon continue to be ongoing and are expected to be finalised by the end of the year.

The news is great for millions of customers who are either already locked into their Verizon accounts, or just reluctant to switch over to AT&T. Apparently there are Apple job postings seeking engineers with experience in EVDO and also CDMA both wireless standards used by Verizon. For more information visit brainstormtech.blogs


10 thoughts on “Will there be a Verizon iPhone Release Date? Possibly January 2010”

  1. Remo says:

    This “rumor” is just as stupid now as it was last year and the year before. Unless Verizon is going to suddenly switch their system to GSM, they will no get an iPhone. The only hope Verizon customers have is that Apple will unlock the iPhone when LTE is established and Verizon uses it for BOTH voice and data. As long as Verizon is CDMA, it will not have an iPhone – THERE WILL NEVER BE A CDMA iPhone and Apple will not do a deal with Verizon as long as Verizon requires the manufacturer to put all the Verizon garbageware on the phone.

  2. Griff says:

    This may or may not be just another “rumor” but it may have *some* basis, as yesterday it was announced the Apple had made a deal with two UK carriers to offer the iPhone.

    Further, in terms of NEVER being a CDMA iPhone and thus one can conclude your implication that there will NEVER be an iPhone for Verizon – it is well known that Verizon is planning to launch its 4G (LTE) network in 2010, and that Verizon contends that CDMA is becoming outdated (just as 3G/GSM is). So no, Verizon isn’t going to “suddenly switch their system over to GSM”. GSM is becoming the same dinosaur the CDMA is becoming – except CDMA is more reliable!

    The reality is that Apple is going to HAVE to redevelop the iPhone to accommodate the change over to the 4G network, which carriers will be making in the upcoming months/year. Perhaps Verizon is planning its switchover to 4G in conjunction with its offering of the iPhone?

    As for Verizon’s garbageware – I completely agree. But that doesn’t mean Verizon won’t fold, considering the HUGE revenue they stand to gain by offering the iPhone to its current customers, not to mention all the AT&T customers who will jump ship once they’re able to get an iPhone on a network they can actually rely on.

  3. BL says:

    blaa blaa

    bottom line:

    I understand the cdma argument, but verizon is working hard to upgrade their network. I still wouldn’t rule the possibility of developing a cdma iphone anyway.

    The point is that there are many verizon wireless customers who would buy and iphone but very few who would switch to a terrible service like at&t.

  4. Mojoor says:

    Regardless of what the the other guy says, Apple is looking for CDMA and EDVO engineers. Ask yourself why they would be doing this unless there is already something in the works with Verizon. Also, for those of you who dont know, verizon’s phone service in Europe already has the Iphone. So for all those who would hate for the Iphone to come to VZW, STOP HATEING….Verizon is the Best service provider in the USA, and they were the original ones to be offered the phone, which shows that Apple has more confidence in VZW than AT&T

  5. antiremo says:

    Remo is a an AT&T thumping jackass. He likes it hard from them and is pissed now that he won’t be getting all the attention anymore because all the awesome Verizon users will have them. So go suck a fat one bitch.

  6. Francisco says:

    I think the reason Apple has job postings for CDMA engineers is because the iphone is coming to Korea. Most if not all carriers there are CDMA. But other then that I believe they will have an iphone for both CDMA and the new 4G software that Verizin will have.

  7. Iphonelover says:

    Ok, so everyone says that it will be released in January, and it's June! Stupid at&t, they are extremely overpriced and their phone service sucks!

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