Adobe Demo Flash 10.1 on Palm Pre

Adobe has now announced their Flash Player 10.1, which a public developer beta is expected to be available for Windows Mobile and Palm WebOS and desktop OSs including Windows, Linux and Mac sometime later this year reports precentral.

We knew that the Palm Pre webOS would be getting Adobe Flash by the end of this year, but apparently Adobe Flash 10.1 can utilise the GPU for better performance.

For Palm Pre fans there is also a video demo available showing Adobe Flash 10.1 in action on the Palm Pre smartphone which you can view by hitting up the link.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Demo Flash 10.1 on Palm Pre”

  1. developsmart says:

    This is excellent news! Palm Pre is soo awesome, and with the addition of being Flash-capable is totally awesome! Too bad iPhone will be the only smartphone that will not benefit as it will remain non-Flash-capable…tsk tsk

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