Samsung Flight plus Mythic and Pantech Reveal plus Impact for AT&T

AT&T has a few new mobile phones available from Samsung and Pantech and are the Samsung Flight, the Pantech Reveal and the Samsung Mythic, and the Pantech Impact reports engadget mobile.

On the Samsung front, the Samsung Flight is apparently billed as the “next-generation messaging device” and features a full touch screen along with a full portrait slide QWERTY and is apparently available as of next month with a price tag of $99.99 on contract and after a rebate.

The there’s the Samsung Mythic which sports a 3.3 inch display, TouchWiz user interface, and AT&T Mobile TV, and will also land next month carrying a price tag of $199.99 on contract after rebate.

Now to the Pantech handsets, the Pantech Reveal sports both a QWERTY sliding keyboard and a numeric keypad, is 3G capable and sports AT&T Navigator and should land on October the 18th in blue and red hues.

Lastly we have the Pantech Impact which sports an OLED touch screen, with a secondary display and a QWERTY keyboard and will be come available in blue and pink hues but as yet no word on pricing or availability.


One thought on “Samsung Flight plus Mythic and Pantech Reveal plus Impact for AT&T”

  1. coolfx35 says:

    I just switched from Verizon to ATT and picked up a pair of Mythic phones. A close friend showed me his Eternity and I was blown away. ATT stopped selling the Eternity and said the Mythic is the next most current version.

    I’ve ordered a data cable so I can start doing mods. I’m as green as green can be doing this (I won’t blow up the phone doing this will I?). I’m mostly interested in activating the GPS Navigation (read a bunch of threads on this).

    In using the speakerphone, people on the other end say they hear an echo. Is this normal? It is rendering the speakerphone useless. Anyone else having this issue? Debating on whether to take it back to the store for another model. Share your thoughts on http://www.Samsung-Mythic.com currently there aren’t many mythic owners there.

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