Should Palm give up on securing iTunes Syncing?

What on earth is going on with Palm and the new WebOS 1.21 update? Yet again its renabled the Palm Pre’s abilities to sync unprotected videos and music, photo’s and now photo albums with iTunes.

All this with no extra software needed, this move has happened since the USB Implements Forums took Apple’s side in the tiff over Palm’s spoofing of iTunes into thinking that the Palm Pre is actually an iPod. Think back Apple had earlier released two iTunes updates that blocked earlier versions of WebOS from syncing.

The odds are sky high though that it’ll block this one the next time it pushes out a new version of iTunes. It is quite obvious that the company is simply bursting at the seams overflowing with some very talented people, the Pre remains by far the iPhones most formidable competitor. To read more on this simply go to pcworld.com

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