What are the odds of iPhone undercutting this Christmas?

For all you Apple fanatics out there the question you may be wondering is will there be a holiday bargain coming up?

I would suggest you start saving instead, as experts seem to think that there isn’t going to be a price war on the cards over the Christmas period this year after all. Like a hungry pack of wolves Orange and Vodafone rushing as quick as possible to snatch the smartphone out from underneath 02’s feet when Apple offered it although it looks like they wont be trying to cut the cost to make a statement in the marketshare.

We don’t always take notice of what the ’experts’ think or say, but what when one is actually the chief executive of Carphone Warehouse you would assume that he would know what he is talking about wouldn’t you. Source – dialaphone.co.uk


One thought on “What are the odds of iPhone undercutting this Christmas?”

  1. teeejaaay says:

    hallelujah!! at last we now have a couple of operators with decent network coverage giving us the iphone, i recently defected from o2 to voda, and i can now make a call without my head hanging out the window, roll on the release date ,the sooner the better

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