AT&T and T-Mobile to announce Blackberry Onyx on 21st Oct

Most have known the BlackBerry Onyx has been on its way for a while but until now there hasn’t been any real word on a date but presumably before Christmas.

Well the guys over at engadget mobile now have it on “good authority” that both AT&T and T-Mobile plan on announcing the BlackBerry Onyx, also known as the BlackBerry Bold 2 on the 21st of October.

Take note that is announcing the Blackberry Onyx and not an actual launch date as that still remains somewhat of a mystery as does the BlackBerry Onyx price tag, but gives us an indication that it will probably launch soon.


One thought on “AT&T and T-Mobile to announce Blackberry Onyx on 21st Oct”

  1. bob says:

    I work for att mobility and I haven’t received any communications internally as to whether or not we will be launching the onyx or not. Its not a big surprise. I’d expect it to be pricy for att though. As is usually the case with any quality blackberry.