Verizon Google Venture could halt Verizon iPhone

With the announcement of Verizon Wireless now tucking up snugly in bed with Google to bring more Android platform smartphones to the arena, could mean that Big Red is less likely to want to jump into Apple’s bed and offer the iPhone.

According to an article on macworld, an IDC analyst thinks Verizon is less likely to sell the Apple iPhone now that a deal has been struck with Google. However, the plans by the 2 companies offer other possibilities.

Scott Ellison of IDC says it is possible for Verizon to raise data rates for users next year in an attempt to distinguish their network as offering superior performance and reliability than such networks as AT&T.

Ellison further noted that AT&T has been “vilified” by iPhone users that think AT&T has done poorly in supporting network throughput on a range of iPhone apps.

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