Microsoft loses T-Mobile Sidekick service (aka Danger Hiptop), Opps

Looks like a bit of a storm brewing for anyone who has a T-Mobile Sidekick (aka Danger Hiptop) as Microsoft has inadvertently lost all user’s personal info stored in the cloud; it’s just vanished without much chance of recovery reports computerworld who have compiled several blog posts on the matter.

Apparently the reason being spouted for the loss is a disk failure in its Danger subsidiary and didn’t have any working backups. One blogger remarks “In the canon of Microsoft [mis-steps], this may be the most humiliating,” while another says, “This goes beyond FAIL, face-palm, or any of the other internet memes we’ve come to associate with incompetence.”

Looks like Microsoft has done a major cock-up with this, and we’d like to know your thoughts on this rather ridiculous affair, so feel free to drop us your comments below.