BlackBerry Bold 2 or 9700 is first 3G BlackBerry for T-mobile.

The BlackBerry Bold 2 or BlackBerry 9700 on T-Mobile has received a review whereby they say the BlackBerry smartphone is an ergonomic upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold and is the first 3G BlackBerry.

Htlounge goes on to say that the BlackBerry Bold 2/9700 presents a more elegant trackpad while the battery covers has against been changed and is also an improvement.

The BlackBerry Bold 2 sports a 3.2 megapixel camera, making the camera and trackpad, and the addition two major upgrades from the Bold, while the memory card holder is situated behind the battery rather than on the side as on the original BlackBerry Bold, and is to be announced on the 21st of October by both AT&T and T-Mobile.


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