Sprint HTC Hero review: Keyboard, Phone, Battery life and Overall impressions

Yes yet another Sprint HTC Hero review just for you and this time covering the likes of the keyboard, the phone itself in general, the battery life and of course the overall impressions.

Thanks to examiner.com they have put yet another Sprint HTC Hero review online for all you HTC Hero fans out there and indeed those wanting to know more about this handset. Below we will tell you in brief what they said but we do recommend visiting the source link above for more information.

In Brief: They said the virtual keyboard works very well indeed and that the feedback is what makes it good, the Hero itself shines as a phone thanks to the sound quality, speakerphone and that the signal strength is excellent. The battery life is decent even when using the GPS and heavy web surfing, overall impressions say’s that the HTC Hero is definitely a success for Sprint’s first Android handset but they do recommend the Palm Pre over the HTC hero.


6 thoughts on “Sprint HTC Hero review: Keyboard, Phone, Battery life and Overall impressions”

  1. Tyrone Means says:

    I am the owner of a new Htc Hero and I cannot for the life of me,get the dual clock widget to change to my current time. Another problem is when i select any other clock besides the digital one the time cannot be changed to my time and even though i select Central Time Zone it always manages to go 5 hours ahead of my current time. I absolutely love all of the other functions this phone is capable of doing. I haven’t experienced any sluggish moments that some other reviews reported.Other than the clock problem i give the htc hero experience a 9 out of 10 stars. Thanks for your time. Tyrone Means

  2. Manny says:

    Me and my wife just got the hero and I have to say it is the best phone I have ever owned. The plan is buch better than the plan for the iphone. Phone has alot of great features and its nice and compact, not big and bulky (iphone). I would have to say 10 out of 10 stars.

  3. Paula says:

    I agree with Tyrone- what is going on with the clocks?! I also can’t figure out how to view the TIME of call on the call history log. hmm i am sure there’s an easy way to figure this out, suggestions would be great!

  4. LaNae says:

    I just got the HTC Hero coming from the HTC Touch Diamond, and while I have to admit I loved my Diamond for it’s capabilities, the HTC Hero just rocks! Good lookin’ out Sprint for knocking this one out of the ball park, and with your everything plan and now any mobile anytime?! You gotta love it!!
    I have downloaded lots of apps, some very useful, but then again some that are not so useful but make me smile and I have not had any problems. I love being able to get my facebook updates directly from my contacts, so super awesome!
    I just had to get used to the capacitive touch screen, but I have ordered a capacitive stylus from overseas and that should solve that! This phone is super! It gets a 10 from me!

  5. Jeff says:

    I just bought the HTC hero this week. I am coming from an Iphone and I must say this phone is not an Iphone. I do like the Hero. It is a great phone and by switching from AT$T I am saving big bucks but I do love my I-phone. The one thing I dont like about the hero is the battery life. I seems I am constantly having to charge it. Does anyone else have this problem?