The HTC HD 2: Can it really better the iPhone?

Same old story really, rumour has it that the new HTC HD2 is a (insert rather large yawn) “iPhone killer” smartphone, and why? Because the HTC HD2 has a large 4.3 inch touch screen reports pmptoday.

I mean come on, just how many new mobile phones are going to be classed the ominous “iPhone killer?” They do say that the success of the HTC HD2 depends on how good the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system is.

And then say even if the iPhone remains at the top of the list of smartphones for casual everyday users, the HTC HD2 has a good case to take the top spot with business users. So what is it that virtually every new handset gets marked as the “iPhone killer,” what is so wrong with the iPhone keeping the top slot?

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4 thoughts on “The HTC HD 2: Can it really better the iPhone?”

  1. Gareth says:

    The reason is obvious:
    The iphone is/was never really that good in the first place, the marketing hype and gullability of the average jo public is phenomonal.
    The iphone is just a phone with a few gimmicky multimedia clever tricks.
    However phones like the htc hd2 diamond2 and the list is quiter big so i will stop here, should never realy be compared to the iphonem they are not iphone killers they are quite simply much much better.

  2. Bob says:

    I think compaired to the intuitiveness and smoothness of the iphone 3gs, it could have a hard time. That said, the 1ghz processor on the HD2 should make WM6.5 and HTC SENSE run pretty smooth aswel. It looks like the HD2 took the iphone 3gs gimmics (capacitive screen, G-sensor, Footprints, digital compass) and just made it better? (5mp cam, LED flash, longer batery life, Proximity sensor).
    I think you’re right though, the htc is a business phone with a lot of configurable capabilities and the iphone leans more to the casual multimedia users.

  3. jules says:

    The iphone is a great phone, it’s simple, intuitive, easy to use and it has the apple brand behind it…. However in my opinion the HD2 is an iphone killer… few of the features may not be quite as good at the iphone, but many or far better – Speed, multitasking, camera, customisability, screen – size & resolution, key pad, battery, has GPS, Social networking, FM radio……….. for the general public the iphone may still be more appealing, however for anyone who’s enjoys tech, there’s a clear winner…. there are loads of people out the who have had the iPhone for a couple of years and are Board!!!

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