Nokia N900 Internet Tablet lacks MMS, oops

Well now, after all the commotion over AT&T, the iPhone and MMS one would expect better from Nokia, but it seems even Nokia hasn’t learnt a lesson from that facade, as an article over on Nokia Conversations reveals that the Nokia N900 doesn’t actually support MMS!

We’re not too sure just why Nokia felt it necessary to neglect their customers and deprive them of MMS on the Nokia N900 as every other Nokia mobile phone supports MMS.

So will the Lack of MMS be a deal breaker for the Nokia N900? Or will this turn into the MMS nightmare that the iPhone recently saw?

Is MMS on the Nokia N900 a big deal? Drop us a comment below.


9 thoughts on “Nokia N900 Internet Tablet lacks MMS, oops”

  1. kevin lubbock says:

    how ridiculous no MMS i was going to buy one straight away makes me glad i havnt now and will make me think twice before commiting to one !!!!

  2. Giles says:

    They’ve also said about a million times that the software on all the N900’s out there at the moment is pre-release and incomplete. The phone itself has not yet been released officially. I’ll bet my bottom dollar is’s all there on the release date and I wont have to read posts like this anymore

  3. jerry says:

    Is it a big deal? No, it’s not. I think I’ve sent a few MMS’s about four years ago, so I won’t be missing this feature.

    The support for MMS will be added at later time in a software update, though, for those of you who need it.

  4. Tom Torre says:

    DEFINATELY a Deal Breaker – it’s bad enough that this phone is slated for T-Mobile here in the States – but now NO MMS – are they kidding us? Nokia may be finally making somewhat of a come back in the States – Why blow it with an inferior wireless carrier. I thought AT&T was bad when I had to settle for them when I bought an iphone, now I am drooling for great Nokia and they disappoint on the back end.

  5. Fadi says:

    I have no idea why all of you guys obove me are crying about that… This is OLD news.. infact it’s VERY OLD NEWS!!

    It’s been talked about for ages.. And it’s been answered LOTS OF TIMES.. but unfortunately the author didn’t even bother searching for it on the internet..

    There will be NO MMS on the N900 at LAUNCH.. But will be added later on either by Nokia or by the Maemo Community.. (Don’t forget that Maemo is totally open source)…

    So whoever is crying above saying “OH NO!!! NO MMS!! I AM NOT GOING TO BUY THE PHONE.. Please do a small research and you will find your answer.. (hint hint.. talk.maemo.org.)

  6. Melvyn says:

    I would have thought better of Nokia! They really should have learnt from Apple’s experience… I have no doubt that this highly customisable phone will support MMS fairly quickly after launch but nevertheless it is a major omission to the ‘features list’ which so many will base their upgrade decisions upon… I do not use MMS very often but would consider it a loss to be without it! There again I am geeky enough to be well into Linux – so for me it would be a minor short term hurdle… But I am sure Nokia will lose many customers to rivals that do now support MMS 😉

  7. oldmoney says:

    problem with nokia they trying to get some ideas from other smart phones conpany but what they getting is the cons of these other manufacturer instead of the good ones, for example the upcomin n8 battery not replceable, n900 no mms..if u will take ideas from someone take the good ones not the bad ones..

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