Video: Nokia X6 Capacitive Screen Demo

The Nokia X6 smartphone is the first Nokia handset to support a capacitive screen, so just how well does the Nokia X6 capacitive screen handle the Symbian S60 operating system?

Well courtesy of noknok by way of Symbian Guru we have that answer for our readers in the form of a visual answer by way of a three and a half minute video preview of the Nokia X6 in a hands-on demo.

The Nokia X6 sports a 3.2 inch touch screen in true widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, and judging by the video demo the Symbian S60 operating system does just fine on that capacitive screen, so hit up the video below and enjoy.


One thought on “Video: Nokia X6 Capacitive Screen Demo”

  1. Peter Wolfe says:

    Looks good! To begin I would like to state I have a nokia 5800 and really like it. I have my sights set on the Nokia X6 when it comes out but hope they optimise the photo viewer as it looked pretty poor there. All my friends have IPhones and have always slagged them but am starting to come round to all their positives…one being its speedy response using apps. Sort it out Nokia!

    Nokia also need to look at its existing customer base like me who bought the 5800 thinking ‘This is gonna be a great phone’ only to be left behind with an out of date S60 with old firmware! No kinetic scrolling or updated homepage like the X6 with the same OS I might add!

    I have quite a few months left before upgrading so I hope Nokia can refuel my enthusiasm for supporting them or you may lose a customer to Apple!