Poll: Can New BlackBerry Storm 2 dominate iPhone sales?

The second Storm is coming; the RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 will go on sale later this month as Research In Motion attempts to smash Apple’s dominance of the consumer smartphone arena reports the Times Online.

RIM unveiled their BlackBerry Storm 2 as an alternative to the iPhone after Palm launched the Palm Pre in the UK this week, Vodafone will push out the Storm 2 as of the 26th of October while the smartphone can be pre-ordered as of now.

Vodafone will hold BlackBerry Storm 2 exclusivity for only a few short weeks due to their deal to offer the Apple iPhone next year. (Obviously RIM didn’t quite like that idea so pulled Vodafone exclusivity.)

So, once the BlackBerry Storm 2 arrives do you think it can overthrow the iPhone’s dominance? Please vote in our poll below.

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