Class-action Suit Filed against T-Mobile over Sidekick Fiasco

Although the debacle over the T-Mobile Sidekick data loss is apparently being resolved by T-Mobile saying they can restore most if not all lost data to customers, and an apology ob behalf of Microsoft along with the recompense of a $100 T-Mobile gift card, it appears that this isn’t enough for some.

According to a report by The Inquirer, T-Mobile Sidekick owners in Washington and California have filed a class-action suit against T-Mobile. The Washington suit claims T-Mobile didn’t mention that data on Sidekick servers wasn’t backed up and thus could potentially be lost.

The Californian suit which was filed in San Jose claims T-Mobile advertised that Sidekick data would always be secure and available. However, now that T-Mobile has stated it intends to restore that data it’s not too clear just where these class-action suits will end up.


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