As Motorola Gets CLIQ with Android HTC gets Hero

HTC Hero appears in Android Central’s house, and we have a look at the non Google Android phone and SenseUI.

Its is very easy to use and looks really polished, if you are looking from the G1 (T-Mobile) or the myTouch 3G toy wont be able to resist an element of jealousy of the Hero. The UI offers a fantastic experience while still holding on to the same lovely Android and even has a better browser.

It is without a doubt that the HTC is the best Android phone currently available and after using the sense it is sure to stay that way for quite some time. Not usually heard in the same sentence ‘Motorola’ and ‘competition’ to the iPhone, but with the new CLIQ their first device which runs Google’s Android OS, do we have to stop and think about the concept? Source – theiphoneblog.com