Smartphone Poll: BlackBerry Storm 2 Vs HTC Hero Vs Palm Pre Vs iPhone

There are now several smartphones available on the market, all hoping to be the best out there. Currently the leader of the pack is the iPhone, but barking at the iPhone’s door is the Palm Pre, the HTC Hero and now newcomer the BlackBerry Storm 2.

Now the guys over at ibtimes have taken a look at all these handsets in the smartphones wars, and they say they disqualify the BlackBerry Storm 2 automatically due to the Storm 2 packing features which are present in other smartphones and that the handset isn’t pocket friendly at 25 grams.

Then they disqualify the HTC Hero which has an under-whelming 16-bit colour and is noticeable when watching video, there is also some lag when opening and switching apps and the HTC Sense UI hogs memory, has a “puny” 256MB internal storage and an awkwardly placed microSD slot.

Which then leaves the Palm Pre against the iPhone, but which handset comes out the winner? Hit up the link to find out.

However, what is your opinion? Please vote in our poll below.

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