Why no BlackBerry Storm 2 Announcement from Verizon?

The Latest smartphone out of the Research In Motion stable, the BlackBerry Storm 2 has now made its debut on Vodafone, but the guys over at Crackberry pose the question…”Where is the Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm 2 Announcement?”

Well according to the guys, there hasn’t been an official BlackBerry Storm 2 announcement coming from Verizon Wireless because the BlackBerry Storm 2 hasn’t yet passes Verizon’s technical acceptance process.

Apparently the whole game plan was for RIM, Vodafone and Verizon to all announce the BlackBerry Storm 2 on the 15th, but Verizon decided to change things and not make the announcement until such time as the BlackBerry Storm 2 passes their technical acceptance process. For the full article hit up the link.


2 thoughts on “Why no BlackBerry Storm 2 Announcement from Verizon?”

  1. JBM says:

    Hilarious that it has not passed the tech requirements for VZW. If it were so stringent, the Storm 1 would never have been released at all. Talk about janky.

  2. Tom says:

    If the past is the best predictor of the future Verizon isn’t delaying it for approval, but to make changes to RIM’s software; they are infamous for removing great features to make the phone less than what it could be. If they would just once leave it alone and let it be all it can be.; but that will never happen. One of the main reasons why they could not close the deal on the iPhone when offered it before AT&T. Verizon has the great network, but comes up short on equipment when compared to others.

    A Verizon Storm 1 owner

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