Motorola Droid Phone Pictures and Specs, impressions & Statement

More new on the Motorola Droid has hit the net waves as it looks like the guys over at the BGR have managed to grab hold of a pre-production Motorola Droid and have given the handset a review along with several pictures.

The guys offer a small insight into the Motorola Droid specifications, slightly thicker than the iPhone even with a sliding keyboard, runs Android 2.0, is the fastest Android device they have tested due to using a TI OMAP3430 processor, and an awesome huge capacitive display.

There is an interesting statement though which says…” From what we’ve been told, Google had a direct hand in the Motorola Droid. Something to the point of almost dictating every move Motorola made when designing and making the phone.”

So it looks like Google have invested quite a bit into the Motorola Droid.

Source – BGR via Computer World

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