Australia gains BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 9700 next month

Looks like the Aussies are in for a treat as Research In Motion gears up to launch both the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 complete with BlackBerry OS 5.0 next month reports apcmag.

As we already know the BlackBerry Storm 2 has been announced for the UK with exclusivity for a short while with Vodafone, and it is expected that the BlackBerry Storm 2 will also be exclusive to Vodafone Australia.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is a vast improvement over the original Storm, with enhanced touch screen, added WiFi, enhanced loading and switching between applications, web browsing, and enhanced automatic screen rotation.


One thought on “Australia gains BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 9700 next month”

  1. Mavenglobal says:

    Nice but if you spend time in regional areas of Australia with little 2100Mhz Coverage but perfect 900Mhz signal new Blackberry still no fun as pointless but love to have it as I’ve got a killer data pack with my plan.

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