Quick Guide: What is webOS and Synergy, plus more

Well that’s the question, what is webOS and Synergy on the Palm Pre smartphone, and the guys over at pocket-lint have set about answering that very question amongst other stuff to do with the Palm Pre.

So, what is webOS? Well that’s fairly easy and most of you probably know already; webOS is the Linux based operating system that Palm developed components on top of to create what they believe is the perfect handset which delivers a curious mix of propriety guts and open source foundations.

On to Synergy, as the Palm Pre is both Linux and Palm orientated you may expect problems when syncing, but this is where Synergy steps in. WebOS syncs with the cloud for easy access to Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, and Gmail and pulls all your communications, friends and family in your contacts list so any conversations with any person will be threaded. Synergy makes the Palm Pre a seamless mobile phone. For more hit up the link.

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