T-Mobile Sidekick Restore: How to Export and Import Contacts

Good news for all you T-Mobile Sidekick owners because T-Mobile now have the contact recovery instructions for you all.

Below the T-Mobile team are trying their hardest to clean up the complete disaster area with the Sidekick data loss, the first item on the recovery menu is ready for collection. Please read the complete ‘How to Restore Your Sidekick Contacts’ instructions below, please do visit here for the full run down and images. You can also read much more here about the Sidekick data loss news

Exporting Contacts

    1. Log in to My T-Mobile
    2. Navigate to restore your contacts
    3. On the Content Recovery Landing Page select download contacts.
    4. Wait for the File Download box to appear.
    5. Save the file to the desktop
    6. Once the download is complete, close the box.
    7. Your contacts are now downloaded and ready to be imported to your Sidekick.

Importing Contacts to your Sidekick

    1. Navigate back to the Sidekick Desktop Interface and Click Import Contacts
    2. An address screen will open
    3. Click the Browse button and find the original file that was just downloaded.
    4. Click Import.
    5. Your contacts should now populate on this screen which means they have been downloaded to your Sidekick.
    6. You should check your Sidekick to ensure contacts have downloaded.


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