Motorola Droid with 3G adding AT&T in Canada: welcome aboard

Seems the Motorola Droid is hot at the moment and everyone is talking about it, we published an article title ‘Verizon Droid get the news low down’ which mentions the unlocked Droid available on eBay which has a current high bid of $1,125, well now we have some more hot news for you.

If you live in Canada and love the carriers AT&T and love using 3G; you will be happy to know that the Motorola Droid with Android phone 3G will be adding AT&T as a carrier.

For the Droid to be as successful as the iPhone when it comes to sales Motorola really needs to get this phone in as many hands as possible. (We did a poll earlier asking “Could the Motorola Droid destroy iPhone sales?”.

Source — Electronista via i4u


3 thoughts on “Motorola Droid with 3G adding AT&T in Canada: welcome aboard”

  1. Kudo’s to you for the review of the Droid phone. I think it’s high time apple has a legitimate threat against there sacred cow the iphone. I think competition is healthy, and aggressive competition can force companies to push through new technologies and deliver them for an affordable price. Thanks for a great review. Rick

  2. xx says:

    to my knowledge rogers & at&t have an exclusive deal with each other to share their respective grids – i imagine that initially rogers will have the motorola droid available exclusively through their stores. thats how the iphone was distributed initially. it has been a rogers exclusive product until recently where both telus & fido are now permitted to sell them – i have no issue with rogers and hope that they offer this product in canada soon. my beef is with the crtc fostering a monopoly-driven environment rather than allow healtyh competition to drive the prices of hardware & services down to give the consumer a reasonable series of choices

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