Poll: Is Verizon Motorola Droid Price Reasonable for you?

So the Motorola Droid on Verizon has been announced and so has the date and price, but is the Verizon Motorola Droid reasonable for you?

The all new Moto Droid will cost $199 with a new 2 year contract with a $100 mail in rebate which to some is cheap but to others may be a little too expensive for them, there are a few plans which include the voice plan which will cost from $39 a month and also a Web email plan for $29 per month.

The specs seem to be pretty impressive and with the likes of Android 2.0 you know you’re getting something special, the Droid has a large screen, a pretty good camera at 5-megapixels, high-speed web browsing, and voice activated search and so much more. Please vote using our poll system below about the Verizon Motorola Droid Price

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One thought on “Poll: Is Verizon Motorola Droid Price Reasonable for you?”

  1. Patrick says:

    It’s not as bad as the iphone, but I’m still deciding if I like Verizon or not since they bought out Alltel a few months back and I’m now stuck with them.

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