Motorola Droid gets Car Kit and Clock Dock

So how about using the new Motorola Droid as an in vehicle navigator? Apparently Verizon Wireless has announced two specialised magnetic docks for the Motorola Droid are to become available at the same time as the Motorola Droid on November the 6th reports gearlog.

The Phone Holder for Droid is a Droid car mount and works with the Motorola Droid’s car mode which is a simplified interface for navigation and calling, and combined with Google’s turn by turn navigations is perfect for in car use.

Then there is the Multimedia Station for Droid which apparently turns the Motorola Droid into a bedside alarm clock which displays the weather and puts the Droid at a good angle for watching videos. Apparently both Droid docks will command a price tag of $29.99.