HTC Hero Battery Life problems workaround found

There was a report not too long ago about HTC Hero users experiencing problems with receiving text messages; well although there still is no fix for the issue, apparently there is now a workaround for yet another HTC Hero problem, the strain of the battery life.

According to an article over on engadget mobile, the HTC Hero has an issue with the handset going back to sleep mode once the user has sent off a text, or if the user turns on the handset and immediately disables the display without activity.

There have been a few elaborate fixes tried to resolve the issue but it appears the simplest way is best and that is, don’t use the default SMS application to send texts rather opt for a 3rd-party app such as HandCent or ChompSMS which is claimed has not problem with allowing the HTC Hero to return to sleep after a message is sent.

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