iPhone UI, Multi-touch, Apps and Browser still beat Droid

The never-ending comparison battle betwixt this and that smartphone against the iPhone continues with the latest smartphone to hit the mobile arena, the Verizon Motorola Droid.

And the guys over at the iphone blog have pointed out that sure the iPhone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, and the Verizon iDon’t assault pointed out a few weaknesses in the iPhone such as no Google Maps Navigaion as yet.

But then they turn to the Motorola Droid whereby apparently according to mobile crunch iPhone 3.1 Safari is still the better browser as on web standards test Acid3 the iPhone scores 100/100 while Droid comes in at 93/100, and the iPhone browser is 15 to 30 percent faster on WiFi.

Furthermore, app wise the Android Market has nowhere near as many as the App Store and the Motorola Droid only has 256MB allocation for applications with no microSD card expansion available. Then there’s the lack of multi-touch on the Droid; for the full article hit up the link.


2 thoughts on “iPhone UI, Multi-touch, Apps and Browser still beat Droid”

  1. MrBig Bob says:

    Get your facts straight…

    The Droid Ships with a 16gb micro SD expandable to 32gb.

    Therefore the end user has more choices when it comes to storage.

  2. tristan says:

    And it has multi-touch, just not in core applications since its practically useless. And so many of these large apps seem to install their payload on the sd card these days.

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