Motorola Droid Video: GSM Milestone, from Russia with Love

Everyone is talking about the Motorola Droid and earlier we mentioned about it coming to Europe boasting GSM love and under the name of the Motorola MILESTONE.

Well below you can watch the video which looks good, the Droid seems to be the phone of all phones at the moment and we know that because you our loyal readers are searching for it more than any other phone at the moment.

Got to love the fact of mature looking Android 2.0, ARM Cortex A8 power, and cool running’s of the new navigation application, the new GSM Motorola Droid is called the “Milestone” which we have to say is a boring name but hey what do we know.

Please watch the video below and tell us what you think of it, get your comments in we are intrigued to know what you are thinking.

Source — Mobile Review via IntoMobile