iPhone on Orange UK the Prices

Orange UK has now announced the launch date of the iPhone which is set to be next Tuesday and will end O2 UK’s stronghold on the iPhone reports an article over on The Independent.

Price wise Orange will offer the iconic iPhone 3G at £30 per month on a 2 year agreement and customers will get the iPhone 3G for free. The iPhone 3GS will also be offered as a free handset on a £45 per month, 2 year agreement. Furthermore Orange will also offer the iPhone on an 18 month contract at £29.36 per month with the iPhone costing £184.50.

Other deals include a pay-as-you-go deal whereby customers who top up their iPhone with £50 will get the iPhone for £333, and a “high end traveller” deal that gives an all inclusive roaming and data allowance for £125 per month.

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