Adobe Flash Player for iPhone: New message aimed at Apple

Now many of you Apple iPhone users are begging for Adobe Flash Player but yet still Apple will not allow it at the moment, Adobe obviously wants flash on your iPhone judging by the message they are displaying.

You have to admit when viewing content on the Apple iPhone that requires flash you would have come across a message saying something like “To view this content upgrade your browser and flash plug-in.” Well now Adobe has a new message.

The new message says “ADOBE FLASH PLAYER — Flash Play not available for your device, Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.”

Ok we know about messages but this new message is surely a dig at Apple to get their act together, come on Apple it looks like Adobe wants’ and all iPhone users definitely wants’ it.

Source — Gear Diary via Engadget


7 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Player for iPhone: New message aimed at Apple”

  1. iWant Adobe says:

    When I purchased my iPhone. The dealer told me I would be able to view all videos on my iPhone. That was one of my main buying points. Had I known I was going to get a video crippled phone I would not have purchased it and signed the contract. I had no idea my phone’s capabilities would deliberatly be limit by ables greed and need for control. I see this as a breech of contract and misrepresentaion by the Apple dealer. I have an appoint with my attorney to help me cancle my contract without penalty. I will buy the Droid or another phone that alows the use of Adobe Flash and put my iPhone on eBay! I feel like I got screwed!

    Disappointed Apple Customer.

  2. John Riley says:

    I agree with the last comment. I feel screwed too. If Apple doesn’t allow Flash Video real soon, I will do the same! I reccomend all Iphone and iPod users boycott buying any more apps from Apple until they realize the cost of their greed!

    Wake up Apple! people can vote with their wallets!

  3. Disgruntled iPhone User says:

    I agree on every point of previous comments. Extremely ticked off at sales people and Apple. What control freaks, thought this was America.

  4. Dan Martin says:

    Not “all iPhone users definitely want it”. I don’t understand how you feel you can speak on behalf of the world’s iPhone users!?! Adobe Flash Player will do nothing but eat your memory, slow your iPhone down and drain your battery. Apple probably took this into consideration and realised they do not want to hinder their iPhone users’ enjoyment by introducing such an unstable platform. I do not want it so if it is ever introduced, I hope it comes with an Off switch.

  5. Ron Merrill says:

    I agree with the others. And it is the IPhone users decision whether flash player drains the battery but still want to use it.

    I belong To a CEO networking Group that requires flash player but I am out of luck to get updates.

    This is one of other instances that Apple’s stuberness is hurting the their customers.

    Apple is hindering my business communication with their lame decision

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